How to Master Biological Classification for NEET

NEET PMT Entrance Examination are just around the corner and students are gearing up for the biggest medical entrance exam. Anyone preparing for the NEET PMT Examination is well-aware of the vastness of the syllabus. NEET syllabus has nearly 97 chapters. Covering all the chapters, line by line can be a task if you have started out late, nevertheless, you can still prepare for chapters with some smart moves as exams such as NEET, demand that – smart preparation.

NEET PMT Examination is carried out for a maximum of 720 marks, a total of 180 questions. It has 4 sections – Physics, Chemistry, Botany and Zoology. Of these, 45 questions each from Physics, Chemistry and Biology has the highest weightage with 80 questions, a total of 360 marks. Fairly so, as NEET is a medical entrance exam with medical enthusiasts getting to pursue medicine.

In this article, we cover some ideas you can follow to master the Biological classification topic from Biology. This chapter is vast as we know and seems perpetual given the information it provides and if read from different source points. As per previous trends, it has been noted that questions that are asked from this topic in NEET are picked directly from the NCERT Biology textbook. Hence, referring from NCERT only for this chapter in particular is highly recommended. NCERT is your book for this chapter.

The chapter typically requires students to read from and put it out on the paper. A synonymous drill that goes alongside this chapter is jotting down the name of scientists, categorizing examples from each kingdom, salient features of each kingdom – make separate notes of these, highlight and keep revisiting them every now and then. This will help you master each of it by the exam time.

Students are advised to stick to NCERT for this chapter and not waste their precious time by referring to other sources to gain extra information. Questions are directly pasted from NCERT for this chapter, so it is more than sufficient.

The chapter requires revision every 10 days given the immensity and time it consumes to cover. Before appearing for NEET, ensure that you have read the chapter nearly 6-8 times at least to go ahead confidently solving questions on it.

Save your time and invest in solving Physics and chemistry numericals, rather than wasting time on gathering extra information for this chapter as sticking to NCERT alone does the job.

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