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Address :- Pune , Maharashtra
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Icon Science Hub

At Icon Science Hub – (the imparter of knowledge), we endeavor to amalgamate the ancient values of uttermost dedication and responsibility that gave teaching a very pious and sacred status, with latest teaching methodologies so as to make the act of learning, a delectable experience. 

The arduous task is accomplished by a team of diligent academicians and entrepreneurs, who with the years of experience have mastered the techniques to transform even the most abstruse topics easy to comprehend.

Great emphasis is laid on the concepts and fundamentals with a smooth and systematic transition to the advanced levels of teaching. The interaction between students and teachers is always encouraged so as to provide a very healthy environment for growth and learning. During the process of training the students for IIT-JEE/Engineering/Medical(NEET) entrance examinations, great emphasis is laid on the fundamentals so as to excel in the CBSE examination also.

Illustrious faculty and excellent teaching techniques provide you will an infallible approach to success only at Icon Science Hub.

Our Mission
Mission of our educational hub is to produce dynamic leaders who can lead our country from the front and make our lovable nation India proud. Value for money is also an area of concentration for us because parents expect more from the institute so to stand high on their expectations we always strive hard. 

Without facing challenges in life no one can know the value of it so we are making them mentally strong so that they can face the challenges tactfully and outcome as a rising star. 

Our motto is to develop the self-esteem, self-confidence, and the most important aspect in ones success which is self-motivation. Delivering quality learning is a real art which pays them in long challenging life. 

Positive pragmatic approach and innovative ideas act as prism which deflects the negative vibrations, thoughts as well as results. Our experienced trained faculty acts as advanced GPRS for the students in order to show them the right channel from which they can reach to their ultimate golden goal. Our positive mission is our strong foundation stone behind our inevitable saga of success.

Our Vision
Vision of our educational hub is to motivate our students to live up on dream big and achieve big theory. We are fully committed and focused on becoming a world class brand and inspiration for all the educational service sectors. Our vision fundamental is to transform desired success of our ambitious students into deserved dreams. 

Quality education at an affordable price is one of the main criterias on which we are focused on. We as a team provide wings to our passionate students so that they can fly high in order to grab their golden goal. Team unity and its regular motivation play a vital role in institutes remarkable success.

Our Objectives
Striving for the best possible education to ambitious students aspiring to join corporate world as medical professionals.

Creating a comprehensive understanding of the subjects andhelp developing strategies to meet arduous competitions among the students to match, excel and ameliorate the competition oriented education.

Our principles act as soul of a body, without soul there is no value of a body so we respect that fact and we always stick to it . Our principles are the foundation stone on which success graph shows incline which is beneficial for us to become a leading training brand in the world. Faith and patience are the two main golden qualities which should be present in a proprietor of an educational institution. Strong dedication, devotion, and determination work as pillars on which we are following excellence so that the success will automatically follow us. 

Pragmatic approach always leads to positive output. Keeping our principles intact we can face every challenge without any hindrance.

We always worship our work and expertize in creating the new golden opportunities for our ambitious students who want to grab their ultimate goal and outcome with flying colours.

We always try to stand high on the expectations because value for money matters a lot for the parents. Our honest karma in our work is a symbol of dignity which we keep and we never expect but we always keep our hopes intact in order to achieve the desired success.

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ANAND HALL, ABOVE JANATA SAHAKARI BANK, Hingne (Khurd), Sinhagad Road , Pune , Maharashtra

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