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Address :- Mumbai, Maharashtra
Courses :- NEET Coaching, NEET PG Coaching, NEET MDS Coaching, AIAPGET Coaching, FMGE Coaching, DNB PDCET Coaching, FET Coaching, AIIMS PG Coaching, JIPMER PG Coaching, PGIMER Coaching, Medical Entrance Coaching, NEET PMT Coaching, CPMT Coaching, AIPMT Coaching
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Lyceum Tutorials

Lyceum Tutorials saw birth in the year 2015, merely three years ago. And yet, it has seen success its older competitors are yet to achieve. In a little over three years, the results of students who undergo tutorship in our institution have gone from good to great and even exceptional. Refer to other sections of this website to see affirmation. This is an achievement to be proud of, both for students and tutors.

Like parents, Lyceum Tutorials understands just how important it is to choose the right coaching class for children aspiring to pursue careers as engineers and doctors. We provide students with a comfortable and convenient learning space because we believe the only challenge they should have to face should lie in their studies.

The acclaim and praise Lyceum Tutorials receives is not unwarranted, and this is in no small part because of the men and women who mentor the students. The professors at Lyceum Tutorials boast expertise drawn from knowledge as well as experience.

These professors adopt the most effective teaching methods out there, then modify and tailor them to their students needs, making the methods even more effective. These men and women are seasoned professionals and forerunners in their fields. We can attest to this, as can our student and their parents.

Development does not happen in a vacuum. You have to want it; push for it; earn it. The same can be said for the young aspirants who come to us seeking guidance and tutorship. We see how determined they are to succeed and how much effort they put into it, giving us their all.

Our students walk through our doors with trepidation of their coming exams, but they leave with a confidence that will see them through well beyond their studies; they leave with knowledge and understanding of the challenges awaiting them; they leave with the belief they can overcome everything and attain any height if they work hard for it.

Lyceum Tutorials may be a coaching institution in name, but we truly believe we are something much more. The future is uncertain, and we prepare students for it because only they have the power to change that future.

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101, First Floor, Nand Prem Building Nehru Road, Vile Parle (E), Mumbai, Maharashtra

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